5D at it's best!!

Performance, projection, show.

Fantastic 5, this is the union of audiovisual scenery and modern dance performance during a captivating stage show.

Fantastic 5, this are 4 rousing dance talents, a virtual player and opponent and many innovative ideas: live, audiovisually, interactively.

Founded in 2011 they have lined up to revolutionize the future of the show performance.

Every show exists of a mixture of surged storyline, the newest visualisation technologies and unusual dance elements which are interweaved with each other completely of tension.

In this unique whole composition a three-dimensional story which pulls everybody in her spell is told. Breathtaking and contemplative, igneously and cool, thrilling and with feeling, the spectators are taken on an amusing trip which exists according to customer wish or extent of several climaxes and stations or acts are taken.  

Different dance and music styles are paired with entertaining show elements, bodies steer the light, dancer and objects disappear in the background and appear from Nothing again. 

Besides, there interoperate the single components, the dancers, the projections and animations, the music as well as the space in a way that an enchanting Metalevel originates and the borders become blurred between real world and virtual world.

And even more: also the audience can be incorporated according to requirement and feel as a part of the event.

The shows of the Fantastic 5 are much-dimensional experiences for the senses and incredibly in Europe.

Every single event is developed especially for and with the customers and shows an excellent possibility to communicate marketing messages with individual mark emotionally and with lasting effect.

The idea of the Fantastic 5 comes from the superheroes saga The Fantastic Five, who exist in an besides Universe of the Marvel Cosmos. Put on in only 5 notebooks, a myth which the show performances of the Fantastic 5 want to continue was created.

Convince yourselves!!!!

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